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Sep. 23rd, 2010 04:16 pm
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OK. Since I can't do any actual work at the moment and the damn plotbunnies won't leave me alone, have a teaser. I don't have a title for this yet, and I can't promise anything in regards to this fic (especially not if it will ever get finished), so, consider yourselves warned. Not crossposting this anywhere yet.

Fandom: Watchmen/Silent Hill
Title: ???
Rating: G for this part
Characters/Pairings: Adrian. No pairings as of yet.
Disclaimer: Watchmen belongs to Mr. Moore and Mr. Gibbons. Silent Hill belongs to Konami.
Summary: Welcome to Silent Hill, Adrian.

It had been five years, almost to the day )
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Since chatting with a friend some time ago, I've had this world, and this character, running around in my head. Yeah, my plotbunnies tend to be monsterous *g*.
The setting is an alternate history steampunk version of Germany in the 40s. There's been no stock market crash, no financial crisis, and no nazis, either. Well, all right, there are nazis, but they're just one party of many. Germany's still a Republic, and like it was in the roaring 20s, it's a hotbed of culture, science and also a bit of decadence. All right, in this timeline, more than a bit of decadence. A glittering, shiny, never-ending party with a dark underbelly of crime, blackmail and corruption. With airships and Tesla coils.
The main character is Diana "Dee" Hohenheim (FMA fans may snicker now), a genderconfused-to-transsexual professional rich kid in his 20s with a brilliant mind, a firey temper, an interest in science and engineering and way too much interest in other people's business.
It's looking like this will be the setting for my NaNoWriMo novel this year. And even if not, it should be good for some interesting storylines.

So, without much further ado, here's the first slice of Dee and his world:

PG for swearing and people being close-minded thugs. Oh, and a gun, but it doesn't get fired. )


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