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...and on top of that, it's un-proofread and stream-of-conciousness and probably makes no sense at all. Read at your own peril, and tell me what you think, if you'd like to.

PG for swearwords.

We live in the dark now. Well, mostly dark. There are some wells of light that cast their jagged spears of sunshine down into our city, like a dozen too large stars, or maybe too small suns. The streetlights don't work any more, but how could they, since the whole fucking power grid is gone.

Really, we should have known. It wasn't as if the signs hadn't been there. It wasn't as if we hadn't seen them, every day, in legions. Sitting on the grass. Eating. Grooming. Running around. Goddamn, there were hundreds of them. At night, they took over the walkways and streets, running around as if they owned the place. But they were cute and harmless, so no one gave it a second thought.

The first tremor of the earth did raise some eyebrows. It's not as if our city had been built on a fault line, not like Los Angeles or something. Quakes were really rare. They were the sort of thing everyone talked about at work the next morning, even if it had been just a slight rumble and the clinking of the wine glasses in the cabinet, a book that had fallen from the shelf, stuff like that. You talked about it for a day or two, and then you forgot.

Only the seismologists didn't forget so quickly about this one, because they couldn't figure out where it came from. It was like it had started right beneath the city. There was apparently talk about the Geology Department of the university investigating, but you know how it is. There's no money, so things get forgotten until maybe there is.

And then the earth trembled again and again and again, a little bit harder every time. And some people swore that they had heard a noise, a sort of fast, rhythmic drumming, coming out of the manholes and every other hole in the earth. But no one believed them, because the only people who hear the noises of the city at night are bums, and we all know they're crazy.

Fucking stupid, is what we are.

They had had to been doing this for years, decades. Undermining our city. Building great caverns in the earth, connecting tunnels, leaving only those pillars of earth standing that were needed to keep the city in its place just a little while longer.

Then, boom.

One big, concerted effort, a huge gnawing of teeth and scratching of claws and drumming of hind legs, and down we went. The whole bloody city. And now we're buried in these caverns, with our houses and streets and gardens which of course don't bloom any more, because there is no sun.

And they are up there, lying around on their sides, enjoying the sunshine. Finally undisturbed, unfettered. No more cyclists and cars to watch out for, no more little kids running after them, no more dogs hunting them. Just earth and the grass that has surely grown over it by now. And us, the humans, down here in the dark.

Fucking bunnies.
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